World Goth Day 2019: Funny and Dark Goth Memes, Jokes and GIFs That Will Brighten Your Lives!

By | May 21, 2019
World Goth Day 2019: Funny and Dark Goth Memes, Jokes and GIFs That Will Brighten Your Lives!

Funny Goth Memes (Photo Credits: Instagram)

Every year, May 22 is celebrated as World Goth Day. This day is officially dedicated to the goth community and holds absolute importance for the dark lovers- the GOTHS. The Official site of World Goth Day defines the day as “a day where the goth scene gets to celebrate its own being, and an opportunity to make its presence known to the rest of the world.” If you do not know of the Goths, it is a cult that hates the world and its negative aspects. They have certain beliefs that don’t go very well with the normal world. A goth person usually enjoys listening to a particular type of rock music and loves to wear dark clothing. They love things that will usually seem scary or strange to others. The day dedicated to the Goths originated in the year 2009 in the United Kingdom and the tradition of dedicating this day to the dark world humans continued to spread across the United Kingdom. However, a little fun side of the Goth world is embroiled in funny, crazy and exaggerated Goth memes that anyone can laugh at, even the ones who don’t understand the Goth culture very well. Goths usually love dark humour and therefore most memes surrounding the Goth culture is also quite dark.

Take a look at some of the funny and dark Goth memes, GIFs and jokes that will brighten your day:

Can’t stop laughing

Opinions not required

Are you happy now?

Let’s laugh together

Wednesday feels

All the goths say, aye!



Blood type: Black with a hint of Goth


Brief history of the Goths

Whether you love the goths or not, you’ll surely love the goth memes and jokes, some of which makes absolute sense, what say?

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