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By | March 29, 2019

Cleaning Company and Maid Hiring Guide

Cleanliness comes immediately after Godliness. The process of freeing a place from dirt, dust, and agents which can cause illnesses is known as cleaning. You can contract diseases in a clean environment, and you will be comfier in a room which is clean and neat. In case you have a busy schedule, you need to fetch for a cleaning service or employ a maid to maintain cleanliness. A cleaning service will ensure some cleaners are working at your house. A maid is a person who you employ to ensure everything at home is clean. The following are reasons why you should settle on a cleaning service.

It is highly recommendable to hire a cleaning service for quick cleaning services. The cleaning services have employed many cleaners, therefore, they will not send a single cleaner to do the cleaning in your house. The cleaners who work for the cleaning company are skilled and highly experienced, therefore, they don’t consume a lot of time doing the cleaning. You may hire a maid who is not competent hence he/she will take more time to ensure your house is spotless.

The cleaning services invest in cleaning tools and equipment. In case you hire a cleaning business, you will not spend on the purchase and maintenance of cleaning tools and agents. A maid will come to your home empty-handed.

An insurance cover makes a cleaning business more advantageous. You will not worry about losses and damages if you pick a cleaning company. For instance, Calgary House Cleaning is competent, and you can obtain more details about this company from us. Since a maid is not protected, you will receive no compensation if furniture and electronics are damaged during cleaning.

The other advantage of a cleaning service over a maid is improving your social class. Since you need more money to hire a cleaning service, your social image will get better. Many people have employed maids therefore you will just be an ordinary person if you hire a maid.

The following are disadvantages of cleaning services over a maid.

Hiring a cleaning company is more expensive than hiring a househelp or cleaning your house for yourself. If you want to spend less on cleaning your house, you either hire a maid, or you do the cleaning personally. You will pay the house-help every month while a cleaning company needs to be paid on an hourly basis and this depends on the number of cleaners.

Lastly, you can easily socialize well with a maid rather than a cleaning company. The cleaning company will be shuffling the cleaners who are sent to your home while the househelp is the same person you will be interacting with.

This guide will assist you in choosing your best between a cleaning service and a househelp.