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Did this little girl just win Halloween?

This is downright frightening. A little girl in the Philippines is going viral for her spectacularly spooky Halloween costume. The 2-year-old, named Maya, from Southbay Village, went trick-or-treating dressed up in a flowered dress carrying her own bloodied severed head on a plate. Maya’s mom, Krystal Hwang, shared images and a video of her daughter… Read More »

This week in health – 26 October 2018

Government considers fortifying bread with folic acid Health experts are pushing the government to add folic acid to bread, saying that other countries are already doing what can only benefit consumers. The B vitamin would not change the taste of the food. The government will launch a consultation on the issue early next year. “My… Read More »

6 Home Maintenance Projects This Fall

6 Home Maintenance Projects This Fall 6 Home Maintenance Projects This Fall : Any change in season is the perfect opportunity to get some updates done around the home. When winter turns to spring, for instance, home maintenance involves a lot of checking for the damage snow has done. Closer to the warmer months, a house… Read More »