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Doctor on Video Screen Told a Man He Was Near Death, Leaving Relatives Aghast

Catherine Quintana’s father had been in and out of a hospital for weeks, and the family understood that his time was running out. Her 78-year-old father, Ernest Quintana, had lung disease and was struggling to breathe on his own. On March 3, he was admitted to a Kaiser Permanente hospital in Fremont, Calif., for the… Read More »

Google, Verily using AI to screen for diabetic retinopathy in India

Google and its sister organization Verily, the life sciences division of Alphabet, are touting a new artificial intelligence tool that’s enabling wider access to care and screening for diabetic retinopathy and diabetic macular edema for patients at a hospital in India. WHY IT MATTERSIn a blog post this week, Kasumi Widner, program manager at Google,… Read More »