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Is It Okay to Eat Right Before a Workout?

To eat or not to eat? That is the question. Ask a dozen different people who regularly exercise about their perspective on eating before a workout, and you will receive just as many answers. Some swear by a certain type of protein shake. Others have a pre-workout drink with a long list of unpronounceable ingredients,… Read More »

The skeptics were right: Bristol-Myers has pulled a crucial Opdivo lung filing as it awaits more data

Investors panicked back in October when Bristol-Myers Squibb admitted that a request for additional data from a key lung cancer trial had pushed back an FDA decision. And perhaps rightly so. Thursday, the company said it had voluntarily pulled its application for an Opdivo-Yervoy pairing in a subset of patients with previously untreated non-small cell lung… Read More »

This Unearthed Video of Prince William Being Asked About Kate Middleton RIGHT After Their Breakup Is So Awkward

Kate Middleton and Prince William are married with three very posh children, but—like many college couples—they had a brief breakup thanks to some unknown ~drama~. What we do know is that the breakup took place in 2007, that it was so rough Kate was literally like “I’m out” and left England, and that they eventually… Read More »