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7 signs of magnesium deficiency that could be ruining your body goals

Magnesium deficiency affects large numbers of Brits and the signs are symptoms most of us complain about everyday, from aching muscles to disturbed sleep Whoever thought of New Year’s resolutions anyway? The idea of changing your life during the most depressing time of year, when the weather is at its coldest and you’re exhausted, not… Read More »

TV Presenter Zoe Salmon Talks About Her Fitness Goals & Favourite Destinations To Hit In 2019!

Photo Credits: Catherine Falls Zöe Salmonis a Northern Irish television presenter who is famously known as the host of the children’s television programme Blue Peter from 2004 to 2008. She also appeared on Dancing on Ice in early 2009 and was crowned Miss Northern Ireland in 1999 after earning a law degree from Queens University. As we welcome the new Year 2019, lets check out this… Read More »