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Sheraton Atlanta linked to 11 new cases of Legionnaires’ Disease

men in protective suit,outbreak concept,illustration painting So far, 11 people in Atlanta, Georgia have contracted Legionnaires’ disease and it appears that all of them stayed at the Sheraton Atlanta. The hotel is now closed down until at least mid-August, according to The Atlanta Journal-Constitution. Georgia Department of Public Health investigators are testing water in the… Read More »

Heart cells’ environment a potentially major factor in heart disease

By William Weir When it comes to heart disease, the health of the scaffold where cardiac cells grow may be a much bigger factor than previously believed. Stuart Campbell, associate professor of biomedical engineering & cellular and molecular physiology, led a team of researchers examined the effects of a diseased extracellular matrix (ECM) — the… Read More »

World Hepatitis Day 2019: Theme and Significance of the Day to Create Awareness About the Inflammatory Liver Disease

World Hepatitis Day 2019 (Photo Credits: Wikimedia Commons) World Hepatitis Day is celebrated on July 28 every year to try to bring light on hepatitis and how ignored it is. In 2012, 12,588 people from 20 counties did the three monkeys sign to signify the overlooking of this. Hepatitis is the inflammation in the liver… Read More »