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Thousands of cancer diagnoses tied to a poor diet, study finds – CNN

An estimated 80,110 new cancer cases among adults 20 and older in the United States in 2015 were attributable simply to eating a poor diet, according to the study, published in the JNCI Cancer Spectrum on Wednesday. “This is equivalent to about 5.2% of all invasive cancer cases newly diagnosed among US adults in 2015,”… Read More »

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Mom who was diagnosed with cancer same day she became a widow dies

A 38-year-old Minnesota mother who was diagnosed with an inoperable cancer the same day her husband succumbed to his battle with ALS in 2017 has died, according to new reports. Tessie Sylvester of Minneapolis passed away on May 1 — two years after she was diagnosed with cancer in June 2017, on the same day… Read More »

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Bowel cancer: Major signs and symptoms you must not ignore

The bowel is located in the lower part of the digestive system and is divided into two sections, the small bowel (small intestine) and the large bowel (colon). The digestive system is a complex system whereby foods you consume are broken down to get the main nutrients, which are then broken down into smaller molecules… Read More »

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